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Thank you for choosing us to repair your garage door. We understand you have no control on when your garage door will need repair, that's why we work 24/7 at your location.

About Torsion Springs

The garage door torsion spring allows the garage door to move upward and downward without any difficulties at all.If and when the torsion spring malfunctioning it should be inspected, repapered or replaced ASAP.

Garage door manufactures, dealers and service providers produce or sell torsion springs with a minimum of 10-15,000 cycles (3-7 years), torsion spring life expectancy will shorten if weight increases (adding glass, installation, layers of paint and more factors.

Life Expectancy

Other factors that may shorten the life of a torsion spring are: poor garage door maintenance and loose tracks. We highly advise home owners to avoid applying grease to the garage door tracks this will prevent the rollers wheels from doing their job. Bearings,spring wire & hinges do require lubricant.

Healthy Maintenance

Lubricating the garage door torsion spring with light coat of oil will result in longer life for your torsion spring, it will reduce the friction between the coils as well as smooth & quiet operation.


Due to the fact that most garage door are equipped with torsion spring that do not require safety restraint cables ( the torsion shaft is running trough the springs). Do not Do it Yourself. Torsion Springs are located superior to the extension springs and required professional technician to repair or replace.


  • 24 Hours Garage Torsion Spring Replacement / Repair
  • Same Day Service at your location.
  • Major Credit & Debit Cards Accepted.
  • Complimentary Safety Inspection.
  • Highest Quality & Technology Parts & Software.
  • All Phone Calls Answered 24 Hours/7 Days A Week
  • Evening, Weekend & Holidays Appointments Available.
  • Trained, Licensed & Certified Garage Door Specialists.
  • Fully Stocked Mobile Vans and Trucks to insure job completion as soon as possible.

If your torsion spring is not functioning smooth and need a repair call us 24/7 and we will be there to fix it. We repair parts, doors and locks.

Partial List Of Our Services:

  • Garage door repair / install.
  • Extension springs repair or replace.
  • Garage door lock installation.
  • Garage door lock replacement.
  • Garage door lock repair.
  • Garage door lock rekey (cylinder rekey).
  • Garage door openers / Garage door remotes - Install & reprogram remotes.
  • Garage door lock mechanism repair.
  • Release "stuck"garage door - Garage Door Won't Open / Close
  • Unlock garage door lock with or without key / remote.
  • We also repair: Metal tracks, mounting brackets, dents, crimps or flat spots.
  • Theft & burglary prevention inspection.
  • Match garage door key / lock and house key / lock.
  • Level tracks & tighten loosen tracks - properly align.
  • Garage Roll-up doors & swing-up doors repair.
  • Pulley repair, Spring cable repair.
  • Radio transmitter garage openers.



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